Where can I access my tax information online?

To access your CU1 tax information, simply sign into Online Access and select a specific account from your Dashboard. From there, click the Account Details tab.

Wondering if your CU1 account will receive a 1099-INT form? If the total amount of CU1 dividends associated with your social security number exceeds $10, you’ll receive a 1099-INT for each account on which you are owner or joint owner. These separate 1099-INTs will detail the specific dividend amount earned by each CU1 account.

If you are a paper statement user, your 1099-INT(s) will arrive by mail. If you make use of handy CU1 eDocuments, these forms can be accessed by clicking the More widget in Online Access and then selecting eDocuments. 

Are you a CU1 real estate member? Tax documents for real estate may arrive by mail instead, from our real estate servicing partner, Cenlar.