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What are contactless cards and how do they work?

Contactless cards are now available to Credit Union 1 members. These cards feature tap-to-pay technology that saves you from swiping or inserting your card into a machine.

  • Why are contactless cards great? Contactless cards offer enhanced convenience and peace-of-mind. Enjoy tap-to-pay technology (instead of swiping or inserting your card) wherever merchants display the contactless symbol.
  • Can I get one at my local CU1 branch? Contactless cards are not yet available in CU1 branches for "instant issue," but when your current card expires, we will mail you a free contactless replacement. If you'd like a contactless card sooner, you can call us at (907) 339-9485 and purchase a replacement.
  • Do contactless cards look different? Our new contactless cards have a modern updated design and a contactless symbol on the front. Also, you'll notice that your card number is found on the back of contactless cards rather than the front.
  • Are contactless cards secure? Contactless cards offer the same level of security as using the "chip" feature of chipped cards.