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How do I report fraud or dispute a transaction?

To submit a card fraud claim or dispute a card transaction, please contact our card processor at (866) 279-1399 for assistance.

  • Hours of Operation: M - F, 8am-8pm EST. After 8pm, please leave a voicemail which will be answered the next business day.
  • We partner with card processor experts who are specialists in this field, to better help you with these claims.

Credit Timeline

If you have experienced fraud, you will receive a provisional credit within 10 business days. If you are disputing a claim, we will provide credit as soon as we work through the investigation process.

New Card Timeline

As soon as we learn that your card has been compromised and you need it shut down, we will order you a new one. These arrive in 7-10 business days, but we have expedited options as well.

In the event of a compromised card, closing the card and opening a new one is is the most effective way to keep your funds safe.