Does CU1 offer ART, an Automated Response Teller?

On December 2, 2020, the credit union's Automated Response Teller (ART) was discontinued.

Although ART is no longer available, members who used it can still easily access their account balance and other details in several alternate ways!
  • When calling our Member Service Center, you may select our Snapshot service for a speedy balance reference and listen to the last 10 days’ worth of transaction information on each of your accounts (including deposits, withdrawals and debit transactions).
  • If you need more in-depth information and prefers not to wait on hold, you can choose to receive a callback from a CU1 representative.
  • In addition to the 24/7 perks of Online Access, the CU1 Mobile App also provides instant access to account details – and with our app, you can access a Snapshot view of your account that does not require a full login.
We are continually working to offer new and innovative services to our members, and we look forward to further serving you! If we can help with a specific need that you feel has been lost with ART, please let us know. We will use your insight to guide future enhancements.