Can I receive alerts of impending overdraft fees?

Although Credit Union 1 is not able to prevent the automatic assessment of overdraft fees by our banking software, we do offer advance measures to notify you when you’re close to overdrawing your account. The credit union's CU1 Notifications service will send you a text, email or push notification when your account reaches a certain threshold. With this service, our members are able to keep close tabs on their account balances and avoid possible overdraft fees. 

In addition to CU1 Alerts, the CU1 Mobile App or Online Access may also help you track your balance, instantly transfer funds or make deposits on the go. We encourage you to take advantage of these handy preventative measures that can alert you of an impending low balance.

Looking for additional peace of mind when your account balance dips low? To learn full details of our Overdraft Transfer and Courtesy Pay programs at Credit Union 1, visit the Overdraft Protection area of