Updates to our website and mobile app

Coming soon, you'll see a fresh face to cu1.org and our mobile app!

Website and Mobile App Makeover

Our website at cu1.org and the CU1 Mobile App will each soon receive a makeover that enhances their appearance, navigation and usability.

  • Changes will take effect within the CU1 Mobile App in the coming month. After this release, you may notice that your app automatically updates itself to the most current version. Our new mobile app will also have an enhanced appearance, navigation and usability, so you can enjoy even easier access to your account.
  • Once the mobile app upgrade takes effect, anyone who currently uses a PIN to access the app will need to switch to either Face ID or their Online Access username/password. Wearable devices (like a smart watch) and tablets will no longer be compatible with the updated app. If you're accustomed to viewing your account this way, be aware that you'll need to switch to smartphone or desktop viewing after the app update takes effect.
  • Changes will take effect on our website at cu1.org in December. You'll see a new website design when you visit our site - so don't be alarmed if it doesn't look like what you usually expect. The updated site will improve your experience on cu1.org going forward!

Disclosure Re-Agreements

Lastly, certain disclosures in Online Access and our mobile app will be updated soon! If you make a selection in Online Access or the app that triggers one of these updated disclosures, you will be asked to "re-agree" to the updated information. Affected disclosures include ACH Terms & Conditions, Remote Deposit Capture and our Transfers Disclosure.

Thank you for reviewing this information and familiarizing yourself with the updates to come!

Each change will help further streamline and secure your online banking experience. If you'd like additional information or assistance with the changes above, please contact us.